Belinda Carlisle Plastic Surgery

The former "The Go-Go's" frontwoman, who endured a 30-year battle with drug and alcohol abuse, admits she often uses the facial-freezing "technique" to improve her looks.

And although she hasn't yet gone under the surgeon's knife for a more drastic cosmetic procedure, Carlisle admits she is thinking of it.

She told Britain's "Closer" magazine: "I'm not opposed to tweaking every now and then, although I haven't "cut" yet. I'm thinking about it! Yes, I have Botox. Anybody in this industry who says they don't is lying! I get it every six months, just a little bit. There's nothing wrong with tweaking - you just have to be careful you don't go too far."

It has to be mentioned though that once she quoted as saying: "Surgery scares me. You can lose all the personality in your face."

Judging by the before and after photos though, one can easily figure out that Belinda Carlisle has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures.

Recent photos of Belinda show a completely wrinkle free forehead and lack of sagging skin. This has caused speculation that she may have had a mini facelift and a neck lift to remove any sagging around the neck/jaw area.

Carlisle's skin appears very smooth for her age leading some to estimate that she may have gotten laser skin treatments like Fraxel, CoolTouch, or Active Fx and injectable fillers, like Botox, Juvederm, Restalyne to remove signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Her lips are very full for her age indicating that she may have had a lip augmentation. The lack of bags under her eyes indicate that she may have had blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

For those who are not aware of it, Belinda Carlisle posed for "Playboy" magazine when she was 43 years old. She has stated then:  "I’m lucky. These are real cheekbones and I’m hoping they’re going to hold up my face up for a while yet. Surgery scares me. You can lose all the personality in your face. I think people look at me and see a survivor."

As for her Playboy shots, Belinda claimed: "I’m happy with my body but I have to work hard at it — and it’s getting harder. As you get older it’s difficult to keep track of all the stuff that’s going south."
The truth is that Belinda has always had an exceptionally small nose and high cheekbones, but in some pictures, you can almost see the start of jowls, which should have drooped further, but have been completely eradicated.

According to plastic surgeon experts, a possible explanation for Belinda’s youthfulness is a mini-facelift, which treats the facial structure and ensures no sagging around the neck or jaw and an overall tighter, more youthful facial appearance.

Belinda doesn’t have any of the bags under her eyes or loose eyelids of many 50-years old, making it seem that she may have had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) on both her upper and lower lids. In addition, often even when the face is in good shape, the neck is a good way to tell a person’s true age, but Belinda’s neck is taut as can be, the result of a possible neck lift.

While hard to believe, if Belinda’s claims of aging naturally without any drastic plastic surgery procedure are true, and she hasn’t visited the plastic surgeon, then the skincare products in her adopted country of France, where she currently lives, are truly remarkable and she must spend hours a day exercising and not eating any of the local cuisine. Somehow, however, this theory just doesn’t hold up very well.

Not to mention that Belinda’s birthday revived her old "Playboy" pictorial, which in turn revealed a possible breast augmentation.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer reveals :  "It is hard to say if she had a breast augmentation done from these pictures.  Most pictures that end up in print magazines are highly airbrushed."

To conclude, Belinda has always been very beautiful and she still remains stunning. 

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